The Blood of Jove

December 28, 2014 Darren Gall 0

There are not too many wines you try in your life where upon first taste you realize: ‘here is a wine that is going to change everything’. My first ‘Tignanello’ -interestingly enough, most industry professionals […]

Digital Drinking

December 18, 2014 Darren Gall 0

  Harpers.Co.UK recently reported on research conducted by French start-up accelerator, 33 Entrepreneurs. The data revealed that 2014 saw no less than 1,400 new wine apps launched into the marketplace. Many apps are essentially retail […]

Hanoi by the Glass

December 6, 2014 Darren Gall 4

  “In a city one thousand years old, everyone is a visitor.” I have been ‘dropping’ in to Hanoi for over a dozen years, for the past 9 months I have found myself a resident. […]


November 24, 2014 Darren Gall 7

The Rhone Valley in France is rightly famous for its rich, spicy, full bodied red wines and the grape varieties that go into these vinous legends, namely: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and a number of lesser […]

The Pope’s New Castle

September 22, 2014 Darren Gall 0

Lovers of richly flavoured, full-bodied red wines have long been drawn to France’s most famous wine region, Bordeaux. However, it was a Bordeaux exodus that led to the creation of one of the most complex, […]

Second Impression – Sound

August 16, 2014 Darren Gall 1

    “People who have never had a broken heart will never understand dead roses, Tolstoy, airport lounges, Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor, neat brandy, the moon and drizzle.” Wendy Harmer Upon that first, unforgettable […]

Swollen River

August 11, 2014 Darren Gall 0

    The Mekong has swollen like a fat rolling python, writhing angrily in its muddy channel; creating the glistening illusion that it is about to burst over its banks and seethe through the city […]

First Impressions – Sight

July 27, 2014 Darren Gall 0

  Over twenty years ago, I was spending a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the National Gallery of Victoria, slowly meandering through an exhibition of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. The exhibition also happened to feature […]

The Cycle of the Vine

July 9, 2014 Darren Gall 0

  The Northern Harvest Across Europe, the month of August signals the readying for the new wine grape harvest, which will commence sometime in the latter weeks of the sign of Leo and for some, […]

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